Lies To Live By

imageEndorsements and medallions first. The Del-Byzanteens’ « Lies to Live By » is a debut equal to anything out of New York these past six years. Now let me tell you why.
Alternative American music can be so lean and nervous, so fearful of luxury and amplitude. Sure ever since Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine and through Byrne and Chance’s crews, New York musicians have been cultivating a guitar style that communicates a subterranean stress but even when they take to synthesizers, they’re still laying down tripwires for the nerves.
But didn’t I say « alternative » American music back there for that’s the nub. With the impossibility of a unified pop-culture that would give some encouragement to questioning imaginations, some confidence that they need not address themselves solely to minorities, dissenting Americans retreat to a painfully self-concious bohemian subculture. From the Del-Byzanteens, you’ll receive another samidzat; in « Lies To Live By », more music warning of betrayal and faithlessness.
The Del-Byzanteens know beauty but the beasts in their back-garden are their priority. In reckless desperation reversing the terms, the title track announces their themes when they admit: « The truth´s a wound but the lies a gun/Truth´s the blues but lies have fun ». Don’t stra